AROFOL“For the reliable delivery of any kind of sent item under any weather conditions”

The VP Group manufactures Arofol branded bubble wrap envelopes, aiming to “provide reliable delivery for any kind of sent item under any weather conditions”. Arofol bubble wrap envelopes have significant advantages in its product group:

• Made of 100 % recyclable paper.

• Light and strong, with a water-resistant bubble interior application

• A special band that enables easy sealing of the envelope's cover.

In addition, Arofol products are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental quality system standard.

VP Group was founded in Munich, Germany in 1896, and now sports over 100 years' experience in the paper and plastic packaging sector, making it Europe’s and Asia’s leading manufacturer. Since 2005, Arofol branded bubble wrap envelopes have been represented in Turkey by Umur Stationery Industry and Trade Inc.